Privatpraxis Orthopädie Frohnau, Berlin - Dr. med. Oleg Surminski

Bone Density Measurement

Classification of osteoporosis according to the results of the DEXA examination, using the T-value

Prevention areas: T-values > - 1 Normal findings
T-value from -1 bis -2,5 Osteopenia
Therapy area: T-values < -2,5 Osteoporosis

For which groups of people should bone density measurement be carried out?

Carrying out a bone density measurement is generally recommended:

  • with clinical evidence of suspected osteoporosis with the presence of at least one or more risk functions
  • for women following the onset of the menopause
  • for people over 65

part from this, those belonging to high-risk groups such as patients on cortisone therapy or after an organ transplant should be examined with DEXA on a yearly basis.

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