Privatpraxis Orthopädie Frohnau, Berlin - Dr. med. Oleg Surminski


Dr. med. Oleg Surminski

Dr. Oleg Surminski M.D.

Specialist for orthopedics and casualty surgery, sports medicine, chiropractic medicine, physical therapy and acupuncture.

Kerstin Teske

Kerstin Teske

Medical secretary since 1993

Supervises the consultation hours, registration, injections i.m., s.c., infusions, casts, various bandages and tapes, electrotherapy, powercoch training, 3/4D posture measurement, laser therapy and pulsating magnetic field therapy, supervises the training of the medical assistant.

Former track and field athlete (Heptathlon) and trainer of children in the age groups from 5 to 11 years as well as school-workshop supervision.

Andrea Rozek

Andrea Rozek

Medical secretary since 1982

Supervises registration, consultation hours, injections, etc. And s.c., blood sampling, various bandages like: cast bandages, kinesiotaiping, zinc-leather bandages, vibration training, laser therapy and pulsating magnetic field therapy.

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